Who we are?


Agrilab doo

The company was formed in 2017 by merging Stefan Konti’s decades of experience in the viticulture and fruit growing sector, which he gained in Italy and Eastern Europe, constantly enriching him with the best technical innovations and solutions, with the Serbian company Fratelli M-Agro, which has specialized in construction and the installation of a system that has the technical means and manpower to cover even large areas of plantations.


Agrilab is a leader in Serbia in the design, sale and installation of vineyard equipment for both table grapes and grapes intended for the production of wine, protection systems against the hail, rain and insects in fruit growing, which are realized using the best and most modern technologies and materials high quality, functionality and durability in time. Over the years of experience, we have gained a significant number of satisfied clients. We are not only involved in the sale and installation of the aforementioned systems, but also in the design and creation of projects in which we offer ideal solutions for individual investments and production itself. A system designed and built using the wrong materials of low quality forces the investor to constantly invest in maintenance, which is a high cost. New technological solutions in terms of protection, development, production and quality of orchards and vineyards provide security in terms of cost and efficiency when it comes to your hard work. The products we offer are carefully selected, designed and made with the best producers on the market, in order to guarantee the best technology, quality and durability of “Agrilab Orchards and Vineyards”.

our Mission

Agrilab THINK about your project, your business, your success. We want to work with our partners to design and create their product. Using years of experience and international cooperation, a vision from the point of view of agronomy that encompasses all 360 degrees, we are working on the implementation of the best and most up-to-date technologies with special attention to agricultural practice, with the aim of achieving maximum quality and quality of production. We study the way each individual investment is realized, step by step, following the investor in the planning, design and maintenance of the orchards and associated structure. In this way, we strive to create a partnership with our clients in order to commercialize and evaluate the product.


Agrilab DESIGNS AND BUILDS the best solution for vineyards and orchards. The type and quality of our Vineyard Systems, as well as Hail, Rain and Insect Protection System, allow us to propose the most efficient solution in terms of quality and price ratio that suits the client. We work with Italian manufacturers who are market leaders specializing in the production of components for retaining structures and protection systems. No system can be the result of improvisation; it must be the result of accurate calculations and designed to last over time, to guarantee resistance to different weather conditions and to require as little maintenance as possible. That is why we have selected and created together with our partner-manufacturers technologically advanced products that allow us to guarantee our products for a long period of time. All the materials we use to create our systems have a certificate of origin and quality. Agrilab is the exclusive distributor of the integrated patented rain and anti-Suzuki System.


Agrilab SUPPORTS production, in the viticulture and fruit growing sector, with expert advice from specialized and internationally recognized agronomists, who monitor the producer in programming and optimizing production by carefully devising a fertilization plan, thinning, phytosanitary protection and pruning according to specific crops and requirements. We cooperate with Italian laboratories that perform chemical-physical soil analyzes as well as foliar analyzes. Agrilab is an importer and distributor, for Serbia and the former Yugoslav republics, of various specialized products necessary for the cultivation and maintenance of vineyards and orchards, including the well-known fertilizers BMS-NUTRIENS, which contains in its chelates the most technologically advanced products with extremely low sodium content.

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